AWS Account/Credentials

You’ll need AWS security credentials set anywhere on your system, either as env vars or under ~/.aws/credentials . See:

For details on how to set those up.

cedana-cli will need an EC2 ssh key pair set up too, which you can set up using the following guide:

Or by running cedana-cli bootstrap, which will guide you through the process and create one for you.

Launch Templates

You will also need an empty launch template for each region you’d like Cedana to work in - as a placeholder (since the AWS API requires a launch template name to be specified). You can follow the instructions here to create one or let cedana-cli bootstrap do it for you (and associate a key + security group for you as well).

The most important configuration here is to specify the ssh key pair that you created in the previous step, as it allows cedana-cli (and you) SSH access to the instance.

Everything that Cedana needs to get up and running will be installed onto the instance at instantiation time.

Necessary IAM Permissions

For reference (and for IT/Security teams), Cedana requires the following IAM permissions:

  1. ec2:RequestSpotInstances

  2. ec2:CreateTags

  3. ec2:DescribeInstanceTypes

  4. ec2:DescribeSpotInstanceRequests

  5. ec2:DescribeInstances

  6. ec2:TerminateInstances

  7. ec2:CancelSpotInstanceRequests

You can use these to carve out IAM scopes for the system.


To get started with using your Paperspace account with Cedana, you’ll need to set up an API key and hook up a public ssh key. You can find instructions for both below:

And that’s it!

If there’s a provider you’d like added to the marketplace, reach out to